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“I enjoy coffee.
Fatia coffee machines and equipment
follow to enter my wonderful coffee life.”


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Proprietary factory
running at ISO9001

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We Offer
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High Quality for producing Coffee Maker & Grinder

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Professional coffee knowledge


An Experienced Coffee Equipment Manufacturer

We are a coffee equipment company based in Hong Kong, and we originally manufactured our very first coffee machine over 20 years ago. The knowledge and experience we collected over the years have shaped us to become an expert coffee machine manufacturer.

All our coffee equipment HK products are well-designed by our team and manufactured in our own factory. We not only want to build coffee equipment that can just brew coffee, but also want to produce quality coffee machines that can brew the tastiest coffee too. Even though we have ample experience in coffee equipment manufacturing, we will not stop being an innovative and quality coffee equipment manufacturer.

In order to become a reliable and trustworthy coffee machine company that manufactures high quality products, our team has also attended various training classes that are recognized by Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) to absorb a wide range of professional coffee related knowledge. With expertise in coffee, our team has the ability to develop the highest quality coffee machines for Hong Kong and the international market.


Our Products –
Premium Coffee Machines & Equipment

The coffee industry in Hong Kong is expanding as the number of coffee drinkers are on the rise. There are an array of coffee equipment manufacturers producing all sorts of coffee equipment in HK.

As a coffee machine company, we believe that professional coffee equipment can help make your life more convenient and wonderful. That is the reason why our coffee equipment company continues to devote so much of our efforts to develop a brand of user-friendly and easy-to-use coffee machines, as well as coffee equipment for Hong Kong and abroad. An amazing cup of coffee can really brighten up your day.

All our produced coffee machines for Hong Kong and abroad need to pass not only mechanical tests but also taste tests. Mechanical tests are aimed at checking the mechanical construction and programming of products adhere to the high standards of our coffee equipment company. Simply building a coffee machine that can brew coffee is not difficult, but we are not content in being simply a coffee machine manufacturer, and our goal is to develop and refine our professional coffee machines and range of coffee equipment on an ongoing basis. Hence, the taste tests are also crucial.

Our team will apply our knowledge and past experience in the development of coffee machines and all related coffee equipment as a supplier. All the products offered by our coffee machine company are the result of our tireless efforts, and we hope everyone can enjoy the best coffee with the top-quality coffee machines from our brand.

The Wonderful Coffee Life

As a coffee equipment manufacturer and supplier, we understand that the word “coffee” does not simply refer to a type of beverage to enthusiasts. It is a part of their life that they simply cannot live without. Coffee draws people from around the world because of its diversity, unique flavors, and aroma. Just like there is a myriad of coffee machine manufacturers, there is also a wide range of brewing methods for coffee and also an extremely diverse range of beans from different origins. Anyone can definitely find their choice of coffee.

Our coffee machine company believes there are many benefits stemming from a good cup of coffee. The smell of fresh coffee in the morning can let you have a pleasant beginning to the day; taking a coffee break when you are feeling overwhelmed by a stressful situation can also help you cope better; caffeine can level up your energy and improve brain function. The advantages of coffee are practically endless, and serves as the reason why so many people are attracted to it and many coffee equipment companies around the world are flourishing.

As a coffee machine company, we hope everyone can enjoy coffee and enter this wonderful world with us. If you do not have any barista skills, you need not have to worry, as there are a wide range of versatile coffee equipment in Hong Kong or shops that can help you. To enjoy coffee, you simply need a well-designed brewer manufactured by a coffee equipment company, like ours.

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Does the quality of the coffee machine matter?

For coffee lovers, all they ever need is a splendid cup of coffee. The quality of coffee is determined by beans, grind size, water temperature and brewing time. The Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) has set up gold standards for a good cup of coffee as well as for coffee equipment, so that you can simply base on their standards to find the best coffee machine in Hong Kong.

Regardless of the coffee equipment manufacturer or supplier, if the machine you use can meet the stringent standards of the SCA, you will likely get a tasty cup of coffee. Although there are many renowned companies for manufacturing coffee machines in Hong Kong, consumers are not advised to just blindly trust these coffee machine manufacturers or brands. The mechanical construction and precision within a coffee machine is crucial for good coffee, and a well-constructed brewing system, as well as the right coffee equipment in Hong Kong, does matter if you want to produce an amazing cup of coffee.

To find a quality coffee equipment supplier in HK, you have to carefully study the specifications of each coffee machine or go with products from a coffee machine company that has SCA recognition. Fatia is an experienced coffee machine manufacturer that can build precision coffee equipment that has a long working lifespan.

Coffee Equipment in HK

Coffee related products, as well as coffee equipment companies, are becoming more apparent as the number of coffee addicts are rising. You can find various types of coffee tools and coffee machines in Hong Kong as the market for coffee equipment shops in Hong Kong is growing and getting more and more diverse.

As an expert coffee machine company, we hope the products that we are making available to our customers can allow them to enjoy a good cup of coffee as they please and appreciate us as a coffee equipment manufacturer. Our aim is to produce boutique coffee machines and equipment with the highest quality possible. In fact, we supply an assortment of coffee equipment to international coffee machine companies from many countries around the world. As a result, it is actually very easy for you to track down one of our coffee machines in Hong Kong and abroad.

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Our Story

Our company was established in 1978, but actually we were not a coffee equipment company or coffee machine manufacturer at the very beginning. At first, our company produced injection moulded toys, and we gradually learned from our experiences and gained new knowledge before we eventually transformed into a small kitchen appliance manufacturer in the 1990s.

The first coffee machine that our brand produced was in 1999, and this was the starting point for us as we transitioned into a professional coffee equipment company. As a coffee equipment manufacturer, we have spent over 20 years to accumulate the required expertise and knowledge related to coffee. In recent years, we have focused on the production of coffee machines as well as an ever-expanding range of coffee equipment for Hong Kong and abroad.
Looking back, the transformation process to becoming a coffee machine manufacturer was definitely not a smooth one. Over the years, our team has devoted our hearts and effort, as well as procured different coffee equipment in HK and worldwide for study. Our team attends various professional training courses regularly to acquire the latest information related to the coffee industry. By becoming the coffee equipment supplier that we are today, and successfully acquiring the ability and know-how for being an expert coffee machine company, we sincerely hope that our line of products can help brighten up your day, as well as every day after.

“I enjoy coffee. Fatia coffee maker and grinder follow to enter my wonderful coffee life.”

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Coffee Story

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